The second round is over!

Note: A previous version of this post contained errors in the standings. They are described in more detail in the first paragraph.

Because of an error in my calculations and also one mistaken entry by me, the standings that were first published were incorrect. The most substantial error was that my dad actually chose Vegas to win over LA in the first round and had them continue to win until they lose in the third round. This caused him to jump in the standings from almost last place to second place. Josh, Tim, Bernie, and I actually had less points and my dad, Paul, and Katie, all ended up with more points. Below, the original article has been updated with the correct standings.

The standings:

Wow: this round was very exciting compared to the last round. Most notably, the Washington Capitals advanced to the third round, which hasn't been the case for any DC sports team in TWENTY YEARS! I don't remember what the atmosphere was like in 1998, because I was three years old, but I imagine that it couldn't have been as jubilant as the celebrations on Monday night.

This round, almost everyone has at least one match-up that they didn't pick either team to win in. If you think back to the rules from the very beginning of the playoffs, the team that you picked to win a match-up is out of the playoffs by that time you get to pick again for half of the original points.

People who can pick between the Jets and the Knights:

  • Brent

  • Tim

  • Libby

  • me

People who can pick between the Capitals and the Lightning... just in case you didn't pick the Caps in the beginning :)

  • Tim

  • Bernie

  • Caleb

  • Katie

  • Josh

I will send out an email reminder tonight!