The playoffs have begun!

Thank you all for submitting your brackets for this year's bracket challenge.

The original rule that your favorite team cannot make it past the second round has been abolished since most (read: all) of my immediate family decided to ignore it. If you'd like to change any choices that may have been affected by this rule, send me an email.

If you picked the Devils, the Avalanche, or the Blue Jackets to win in the first round you are eligible for the 10 point underdog bonus! A special shout-out goes to Bernie for picking the Capitals to lose in the FIRST round. I get that we're not as hot as we've been in past years, but losing to Columbus? (Edit: Now that I've watched the first game of that series I think it's possible Bernie might be onto something.)

People were surprisingly divided on the Philadelphia/Pittsburgh series with just over half of your choosing the Philly to prevail. I suspect this is less because of the Flyer's performance this past season and instead due to Philadelphia's wonderful lucky streak in the last several months. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like it will continue any longer if their 7-0 loss to Pittsburgh is any indication of how the rest of the series will go.

As the games continue, I will be sending out periodic emails and updating my website with the standings. Go to and click on the NHL Bracket Challenge tab to check out the latest posts.