Senior Design Project Overview - Integrated Secondary Deterrent System for Bikes

The single most secure lock for your bike is a U-lock, and 93% of bikes use only this lock or something less secure than it to lock their bike. They, along with almost any other type of practical bike lock, can be broken by a thief with the correct tools, so the best way to keep your bike from being stolen is to deter thieves by using an additional measure of security, such as a frame lock. This not only makes your bike look more secure, but it also prevents the otherwise easy theft of the wheels.

Although most bikers say that security is their biggest concern when commuting, they still find using an additional measure of security to be too cumbersome. Using a frame lock on each wheel requires two more keys, in addition to the U-lock. Taking time to unlock with three different keys removes the convenience of riding a bicycle.

We created a way to integrate the frame locks into the U-lock system that bikers already use. U-locks are mounted to the frame of the bike so that you don’t have to physically carry it around when using your bike, so the action of removing the U-lock from the mount hydraulically actuates the frame locks. The shackle that locks your wheels in place can only be removed once the U-lock is replaced in its mount.