First round is over: that was kind of boring

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

First: The Standings

We have no perfect brackets! Matt, Josh, and Libby all only missed one game. Both Libby and Josh opted to pick every higher-seeded team to win which meant the only game they missed was the solitary upset win that would have earned them a full ten points, rather than the usual six.

At the other end of the spectrum, my mom and my dad were the sole believers in New Jersey. The possible ten point bonus could have justified the risk they took but they also believed in the Kings, the Leafs, and the Flyers so their scores took quite a hit.

So these upsets, where were they?

There was only one upset. When more than half of the bracket pool picks the lower ranked team to win can you even call it an upset? This first round was incredibly predictable!

And where were the overtimes?

Compared with past first-rounds, this first round was no fun at all! Everyone got to go home early and get to bed at a reasonable time. Except the fans from Washington and Columbus, of course.

The Kings/Knights series had one double overtime period and the rest of the five overtime periods were spread over four of the Caps/Jackets games. There's a reason we call them the CardiacCaps™.

How about that Flyers/Penguins match-up, tho?

Every game was a blow-out, but they still managed to make it to game six!

Every game except the last two was decided before the third period started. No one really expected the Flyers to win (I mean, Philadelphia had only a 22% chance!) but I'm not sure I can bear another second round loss to the Penguins.

Heading into the second round...

The statisticians have all of the match-ups uncomfortably close when compared with the first round.

As always, I will refuse to accept that the stats say the Caps are a liiiiitle bit more likely to lose and just pretend that the universe is against our team having anything good happen to them.

But anyway: if you'd like something to cheer you up please watch Devante Smith-Pelly's reaction when Eller scored the 2OTGWG.

Devante Smith-Pelly's reaction to Lars Eller's 2OTGWG — Ian Oland (@ianoland) April 18, 2018