Emily's Portfolio


Linux-Powered E-Paper Display

This is a waveshare e-paper display, powered by a Raspberry Pi, that uses the now-defunct locationsharinglib Python library to pull and display my current location.

I had a lot of past experience with Raspberry Pi's, but no past experience with Waveshare E-Paper displays. The documentation for both the display and the locationsharinglib library was very minimal.


  • Working with products and libraries with little-to-no documentation

  • Working with an e-paper display

  • Interacting with a headless server

  • Linux file structure and command line experience

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 4.35.58 PM.png

The Number of Indego Bike Rides Taken Decreased for the First Time in 2018

This project involved pulling the publicly available Indego ride data from their website. I parsed the csv files and standardized the data format. I then plotted the data using Python in various ways to determine the storyline.


  • Parsing an extremely large data set

  • Creating a storyline from data

  • Bettered my understand of Python's datetime library

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 3.28.58 PM.png

Beautiful Maps of Commute Times

This project involved polling the Google Maps API for the commute time from each individual point on the map to the Navy Yard. It was plotted on a map using Mapbox Studio.


  • Using the Google Maps API

  • Using API calls efficiently

  • Displaying data effectively on a map

  • Understanding of the json and geojson format

  • Properly parsing latitude and longitude coordinates