Emily Boda

Mechanical Engineer and Programming Hobbyist


Drexel University

Class of 2018

BS in Mechanical Engineering

National Merit Scholarship

Work Experience

Mechanical Engineer with NAVSEA in Auxiliary Systems

Intern with Pennoni in Mechanical Engineering

Naval Research Lab Intern in Plasma Physics



Google Apps Script

Visual Basic for Applications


GeoJSON & mapping standards

API requests

Data scraping with Python

Google Data Studio

Other Skills

Machine shop tools

CAD and 3D printing


Sales experience

Zamboni driving (no, really)



APIs and Maps

I like to use APIs to request information.


My favorite is the Google Maps Directions API. I've used it recently to create beautiful maps of commute times that are displayed in Mapbox.

Data Analysis and Visualization

One of my favorite types of projects is to scrape data that relates to my personal life and try to find insights.

I gathered the timestamp information from all of my classmates' submissions in an online class to find out how many people really submit assignments at the last minute.

Hardware Projects

I am experienced with Linux-based systems, including the Raspberry Pi.

I created this Pi-powered, e-paper display in a picture frame for my mom. Every day it refreshes to show which city I am in.

Managing Websites

In addition to managing my own website, I have worked on other sites as well. I currently manage the website for the Philadelphia Freeze Hockey team and field information requests from prospective players.


I have been studying mandarin Chinese since 2008. My writing and reading skills are pretty good, however I still need practice speaking.

This past summer I spent a month in China studying and traveling.

Listening to Podcasts and Volunteering

I am a big fan of podcasts. In my free time, I've been volunteering with Podchaser, the IMDB for podcasts, to help fill in information about who works on episodes.

Exist.io API

I use Exist.io to track health stats that don't otherwise connect to each other. It connects to (for example) Apple Health and Fitbit and can compare information from both sources.


I created a Google Spreadsheet that adds information to your Exist profile using the Exist API for stats that Exist isn't able to access through a sync with a third-party site (like MyFitnessPal).